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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Greece Motorcycle Tour, Eastern Europe

Acropolis, Athens
Tzatziki, souvlaki, greek salad, ouzo, winding roads, rich history and culture, ancient ruins –  the best ingredients for a great motorcycle tour in the country of the mythological greek gods.

Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live launches its 11 day motorbike adventure tour in Greece. Starting on September 22 – 2017 in the North of Greece, in the town of Thessaloniki, the tour will cover some of the best motorbike roads in the country as well as ancient sanctuaries and sites that will only offer an appetite for more.

Sea side roads, great views
The tour follows the route of Alexander the Great to Dion Archeological park at the foot of Mount Olympus, rides on the Greece’s highest mountain  and snakes south to the city of Gods - Athens. A ride along Gulf of Corith north of Pelopponese Peninsula and crossing Rio-Antirrio Bridge - an engineering marvel, will offer amazing views and great satisfaction.

The Highlights:
Mount Olympus Ride – highest mountain in Greece, home for mythological Greek Gods
Meteora complex of Greek Monasteries, UNESCO World Heritage Site
Delphi home of ancient Oracle of Apollo, UNESCO World Heritage site
Athens birth place of democracy, cradle of civilization
Rio-Antirrio Bridge ride on the World's multi-span cable-stayed bridges, an engineering masterpiece
Tzoumerca National Park – bends for a lifetime, stone bridges, traditional Greek villages

The accommodation:
Riders will be accommodated in 3* and 4* hotels, chosen by location close to the main attraction or for the great views.

BMW R1200GS LC motorbikeThe Rides:
the riders will have the chance to ride BMW motorcycles, the GS range: BMW G650GS, BMW F800GS or BMW R1200GS LC. The tour will be escorted by an enthusiast English speaking motorbike leader.

For the confort of the riders the tour will be followed by a support car transporting the luggage, driven by the mechanic of the company, all in order to insure the rider’s safety and smooth riding.

The traditional Greek food and drinks will complete the motorcycle odyssey to the land of the mythological Greek Gods.

The price starts at 2849 euro/rider with BMW G650GS motorcycle. Upgrade to BMW F800GS or BMW R1200GS available at an extra cost.

Riders with own motorbike are welcome to join.

Special notes and Info:
Duration of the tour: 11 days
Riding days: 9 days
Total distance: Approximately  2200 km/ 1368 miles
Shortest ride – 4h15min
Longest ride – 6h40 min
Skill level: intermediate 
Lodging type: good quality Hotels (3* and 4*)
Rides: on paved roads as well as small sections of gravel roads

For more details on Greece Motorcycle Tour please visit:

or contact Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live at e-mail

The staff is very friendly and always happy to welcome motorbike riders.

motorbike rides with amazing viewz

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Lovcen Serpentine Boka Kotorska - Kotor Bay motorcycle tour Montenegro

Clear turquize water, private beach, old medieval city, fresh sea food, leave it all behind and continue riding your motorbike on the Dalmatian Coast. The sinuous road takes us out of Croatia in Montenegro. The border crossing is easy. Papers checked, motorbikes checked, riders checked – and Kotor here we come. 

The ride is smooth, great road, amazing views, a refreshing ride along the Bay of Kotor. Crossing the city of Perast you just cannot miss the 2 small islands, each one having a church on its land: Church Of Saint George (Sveti Djordje) from the 12th century and the Church of Our Lady of the Rocks (Gospa od Skrpjela) erected in 1630, a church built in the baroque style. 

The island where Our Lady of the Rocks was built is an artificial one, created by rocks and sinking ships loaded with rocks. According to the legend, after finding the icon of Madonna and the Child on a rock in the Sea, on a summer day - July 22, 1452, the local fishermen took an oath to throw a rock in the Sea every time they will return from a succesful voyage. 

Time has passed and succesful voyages have been made judging by the fact that a small island was formed by the rocks thrown in the water by the seamen. The custom of throwing rocks into the Sea is kept until today. On the Sunset of July 22, every year, an event called fasinada takes place in the region of Perast. 

The locals take their boats and throw rocks into the Sea, widening the surface of the island. The traditional celebration got its name from the Italian word fascia meaning tape or binding. The boats, decorated with popular branches and loaded with rocks, are tied together. 

The boats carry only the local priest and the men descendents of famous fishermen. The women remain on the shore and wave. 
After taking pictures to the two beautiful islands continue your journey to the city of Kotor. 

Located on the beautiful adriatic Coast of Montenegro, the city of Kotor is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its well preserved medieval old town, beautiful architecture and sea side, the city attracted the attention of Lonely Planet Travel Guide, placing it first among the citied that should be visited in 2016. 

An amazing ride for you - The Lovcen Serpentine Boka Kotorska. The Road from Trojica to Cetinje was built between 1879 - 1884 by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Principality of Montenegro at a very high cost - one golden ducat/meter. 

About 45 km of serpentine, hairpin curves cutting through rough terrain making way for incredible motorbike rides and opening a heavenly view of the entire region of Kotor Bay - at your feet. Lunch in Cetinje - former capital of Montenegro and dinner in Skopje, Albania. 

A great riding day ended, an adventurous one is about to begin - Albania on two wheels - coming up next. For more details on Eastern European Motorbike Adventures please visit:

Ride safe and Enjoy the Adventure!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Croatia-Dalmatian Coast-BMW Motorcycle Tour

A narrow, coastal region, one of the 4 historical areas of Croatia, mostly covered by rugged dinaric mountains – this is Dalmatian Coast. Riding it gives you great views over the Sea and some of the islands of the Adriatic Sea.

This is our next destination. Start the day early, leaving the region of Plitvice Lakes. A bit foggy and chilly in the morning, however, as you approach the sea side you’ll want to get rid of most of your clothes.

 After a refreshing mountain ride we arrive in the city of Zadar right on the coast of the Adriatic.Enjoy a great coffee and some refreshments in a coffee shop overlooking the port. A nice walk to Zadar Nova Riva will show you a great old city with friendly people. 

Stop at the Riva of Zadar to listen to the Adriatic waves pushed by the Wind playing The Sea Organ (Morske Orgulije).The Sea Organ is the work of the architect Nikola Basic. The waves pushed by the wind under the marble steps of Nova Riva (The New city coast) interact with a system of pipes creating the music of the sea attracting tourists and locals alike to listen the music played by nature.

Leave Zadar through the old city gate and continue your journey along Dalmatian Coast with a breeze in your face. The ride is filled with photo opportunities, so take your time and enjoy the scenery and the ride. Don't forget to stop forlunch in a traditional restaurant offering roasted lamb or roasted baby goat. 

Don't worry that you won't know which one serves such a meal. The restaurants roast the meat in special built grills placed right on the side of the street. 

You'll see it from afar and the smell and the view will force you to stop at some point. Mouthwatering.

Arrive in the afternoon in the city of Split - the second largest city in Croatia. Accommodate in a cosy 4* hotel and be amazed by the ruins of the Roman Palace of the Emperor Diocletian. A relaxing afternoon on the Beach will revigorate you. Bacvice Beach is strongly recommended being the most popular sandy beach in the Eastern Part of the city. Don't  be afraid to try the Split game of picigin. If you don't have a small ball you can try it using your go pro camera, it's just as fun, especially if it is recording.

Next morning we are up and ready for a new round of great views of the Dalmatian Coast. Dubrovnik - the Pearl of the Adriatic is our next Destination, riding the Dalmatian Coast.

Language: English and German is also spoken
Hotels: we recommend you accommodate in a 3* or 4* Hotel with private beach and views to the Sea. The Bus to the Old Town of Dubrovnik will only take a few minutes.
Food: try some Sea Food, it's always fresh and they surely know how to cook it

Motorbikes: bring your own motorcycle or a BMW motorcycle rental in Eastern Europe, the GS range is strongly recommended.

Organized tour: deffinately recommended. A trip with no worries: where to park safely the motorbike over night, not knowing the language or how to get to the hotel? All prearanged. All you have to do is ride the 2 wheel marvel and enjoy the views. The only worry you'll have is that the time flies when you are having fun and the 18 day multi-country adventure in Eastern Europe will seem too short.

For such an adventure you can visit: Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live website.

Ride safe and enjoy the adventure of Life! 

Friday, February 12, 2016

BMW Motorcycle tour - Plitvice Jezera Croatia

From Ljublijana (Slovenia) to Plitvice Jezera National Park (Croatia)

Morning ride over Dragons Bridge in Ljublijana heading south to Croatia. The border crossing is easy and the border officers are friendly and helpful.
Don't look for a sign that says Croatia. you will not find it. You will however, find the entrance sign to Hrvatska, that's when you know you've reached Croatia (Hrvatska = Croatia).

Enjoy riding narrow mountain roads and the magical forests and hills of Ogulin. The story is that mystical creatures live in these forests.

They show themselves to good hearted people when they are in need. We've never met such a creature, now if it is because we were not good at heart enough or never in trouble needing magical assistance, I can not say. What I do know is that the ride in the area was amazing and the Giant of Ogulin was still asleep.

Klek, the giant - was turned into stone by the powerful, magical sword of God Volos when he rebelled against the gods. Klek Mountain is also known as the Mountain of the Witches who supposedly, on stormy nights, are performing rituals on Mount Klek in order to awake the giant.

We reach the charming town of Ogulin just in time for lunch. Enjoy a plate of traditional croatian food, take some pictures at Ogulin historic stone castle - Kula and head to central Croatia to the region of Plitvice Jezera.

The road is narrow, sinuous, covered with forests and leading to one of the most beautiful natural parks in Europe  Plitvice Lakes National Park.

Situated in central Croatia in the mountain carst region, between the mountains of Mala Kapela and Pljesevica, Plitvice Lakes National Park was founded in 1949 and received its UNESCO World Heritage Status in 1979 due to its astonishing beauty and unique geological evolution.

One or two days are recommended in this region as Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must see when travelling in Croatia.

There are few words to describe the beauty of the region and do not do it justice, better see it for yourself, visit the Park, enjoy a nice walk along the lakes. Just breath the fresh air and relax....

Make use of the boat rides and transportation that are included in the price of your ticket.Comfortable shoes are recommended. Remember to take with you a bottle of water - the walk will make you thirsty.There are shops at the entrance and exit from the park but tend to get crowded. Leave your swim suit at the hotel, swimming in the lake is not allowed.
No matter if you visit 4 hours or 2 days, starting at the 1st or 2nd gate of the Park remember to bring your camera. You will get plenty of photo opportunities.

A great ride to central Croatia, Plitvice Lakes National Park is included in Eastern Europe Motorcycle Tour by Adventure Motorcycle Tours - Transylvania Live. A 18 Day multi country experience in the heart of the Balkans.
You can find more details by visiting:

Friday, January 29, 2016

From The Pannonian Plains to the Dinaric Alps in an amazing motorcycle ride.

With a territory of mostly mountains, half of it covered by forests, Slovenia offers some of the best motorbike rides in Europe. And there are so many things to see or do in a day’s ride.

The city of Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia is home to the oldest vine in the world. Being over 400 years old, having won a place in the famous Guiness Book of Records, the vine in front of the Old Vine House in Maribor still produces grapes. 

About 20 liters of wine are still made from this noble wine sort, poured in small bottles with the purpose of protocol wine only. 

If you are not Obama or any other VIP, you can delight yourself with various tasty wine sorts as the Stajreska region is renowned for some of the best Slovenian wines.  At the end of a day’s ride we recommend you try the Slovene traditional cuisine for dinner washed down with Slovene wine or the green beer locally produced in Maribor.

The charming city of Slovenska Bistrica holds the paradise for motorbike riders with a thirst for engineering and old motorcycles – Moto Museum Pusnik.

Frank Pusnik himself will show you around the MotoMuseum, passionately telling you the story of each motorcycle. You see, many of the motorbikes in display have been ridden by him in several motorbike competitions over the years. Now over 70 years old, Frank Pusnik does not compete anymore but loves to share his passion for the 2 wheel marvels with every rider that knocks on his door. 
From 350 cc Manx Norton (1954), 248 cc Tomos Puch motorbike (1957) to 500 cc BMW (1958), you can all find it here in Moto Museum Pusnik in a great condition after being restored by the ex-racing pilot Frank Pusnik.

An authentic ride through the Slovenian rural mountain area to the ruins of Celje Castle.

The building of the Castle started in 12 century, and it has known many struggles over the years. Find more about the legends of the Castle and walk up to Frederick’s tower to be rewarded with an amazing view of the surrounding area. Remember you can use your entrance ticket to get a cup of coffee in the castle cafeteria.

Lublijana is next on the map and on your agenda. Great mountain rides, challenging wooden bridges crossing, riding the Lasko Valley, just passing Lasko Beer factory on a hot summer day, J !!! don’t…don’t….do not stop! 

I see you got the crazy eyes and I myself feel the thirst for beer but you will enjoy your Lasko soon after you reach the capital city of Slovenia.

The biggest city of Slovenia, Lublijana is also the smallest capital city in Europe. After checking into a cozy hotel, in the close proximity to all attractions in Lublijana, enjoy a walk in the city. 

The charming architecture, the Dragon Bridge, the Triple Bridge, The Castle on the Hill and your very own, well deserved Lasko Beer to refresh you.

A great day, meeting incredible people, riding fantastic roads and tasting Slovenia just ended.

We'll be riding beautiful Croatia next.
So excited!

Slovenia is part of an 18 day multicountry motorcycle tour organized by Adventure Motorcycle Tours – Transylvania Live scheduled to depart on August 21 – 2016. For more details please visit:

Friday, January 22, 2016

Let's take a ride in Hungary!

An exciting motorbike ride in Budapest - the city of thermal spas and turn of the century architecture, Budapest is a great place to enjoy a rest day during your motorbike quest.

The city offers plenty of opportunities, from a ride on the Danube River, admiring the Castle Hill on the other side, being overwhelmed by the impressive size and astonishing architecture of the Palace of Parliament and deeply moved by the story behind The Shoes Memorial.

Riding along the Danube, very close to the Palace of Parliament, on the Danube Edge you will find a strange site. Shoes. Lots of shoes facing the water.

As you approach you might feel the need to play silly, try on a pair for a selfie shot that probably will bring lots of likes and shares on Social Media. Getting closer you will soon realize that it is more than just old shoes extracted from the water. It is a Memorial having behind one of the saddest stories of Budapest history pages.

In the freezing winter of 1944 - 1945 the ruling Arrow Cross Party gathered on the banks of the Danube a group of people guilty for having practised ..... jewish activities.They were aligned facing the river, striped their clothes by force and shot in the back at close range by a firing squad.

At the impact their bodies would fall into the river leaving behind their clothes and shoes on the cold riverbank.

The shoes you see today are a Memorial to the victims that died in these Holocaust atrocities, about 60 pairs of cast iron shoes left on the bank just like after the shooting.

If you pay attention you will see children shoes, women and men, different types, poor or rich. No one was spared.
So instead of giving in to the first impuls of taking a selfie trying out one of the pairs of shoes you now feel like commemorating them in a way, like bringing some flowers (as you see other people doing still today), learning the story, taking some pictures even, but not trying out a pair, because no one should ever be in their shoes again.

This is one of the sad stories of Budapest history, still, enjoy the present as Budapest is a trilling city.

Ride across the Danube River using the Chain Bridge, enjoy a walk up on Castle Hill, visit the Old Market Place, enjoy lunch at one of the terraces from the pedestrian areas or on a river cruise, possibilities are plenty and night life opportunities are endless.

Just a short ride from Budapest you will find Balaton Lake - ride the banks of the largest fresh water Lake in Europe - leading towards Slovenia, because that is where our road is taking us.

Coming soon.

Part of Hungary, Budapest rest day and Balaton Lake Ride are included in Eastern Europe Motorcycle Tour by Transylvania Live. If just watching the movie isn't enough join us this august in a multi country 18 day motorbike adventure.

Friday, January 15, 2016